Saturday, September 17, 2011

Card Fun

Hello Everyone.

           Today I just wanted to play around with some new things I received in the mail from HSN. This is one of the ANNA GRIFFIN card making sets. They are so much fun. Just mix and match, and you have a beautiful card in no time. This time I add a little embossing, to kind of make it my own.

              I like making cards up ahead of time that way when I need one, I can just go to my box of cards and pick what I need. I love giving cards.

              Well it is just a small post today, I hope you liked looking at them as much as I liked making them. There is a place at the bottom of the post that you can check, if it was pretty or cool or just needed help. Or, leave a comment. If you like you can join the site or just follow by e-mail. Thank you so much and have a scrappy day.