Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My First Tutorial Let's Make Candy

                   Hi Everyone

            Today I am going to do my first tutorial. I hope this goes
well. Any help is greatly appreciated.  Here we go (forgive the grammar).

             One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is make
 candy. I usually make bite size pieces, and put them on a pretty plate. This year I made  the Christmas Lollipop Favor Boxes  from The Ultimate 12 Days Of Christmas First Edition. They are so cute. After you eat the candy you can hang the box on the tree as an ornament.

               These are my recipes. You can change them to make what you like. Share them with friends and family. Just have fun with them. My gift to you. They are very easy, it is a great way to get the children in the kitchen and make a day of it.

These are some of the ingredients
I used. Baker's white chocolate (my local store) and Wilton's candy melts (Michael's craft store or on line).
 You can use what you have available.

         Krispy Rice Candy

         Light or dark chocolate
         Krispy Rice cereal ( you know
          snap crackle and so on).


 Wilton has a great icing for drizzling over the top of the candy. I like to get the Wilton's white chocolate melts and add some food coloring, you can make all kinds of colors from one package. Just melt, put some in little bowls and add food coloring.( Food coloring will stain so you may want to make the icing yourself then let the children play).    

A small lesson about choclate.
No water near chocolate.
Water in the chocolate will make it turn into an unusable
You can melt it on the stove
over a pot of simmering water, or in the microwave.
I use the microwave, just make sure you start out with 30 seconds, then 10 seconds at a time, and stir until smooth. Chocolate will burn very easily. Start out with small batches. If you do burn a batch, start over with a clean dry bowl. Chocolate will taste like what ever it is stored with, or made in.   O.K. I talk to much,lol. Put the chocolate in the bowl and melt slowly.

Add the cereal, small amounts at a time, until coated.

If you like add more cereal, or more chocolate , what ever you like. That's it. So easy.

Now just spoon onto parchment paper (you can get this at your local store) or freezer paper and place on cookie sheet. Put a lollipop stick in center,( you can get these from Michale's, Joann's, or maybe your super market will have some). You can let air dry or put in the fridge, if you have room. 
I put a little to much on mine so I had to cut some off to fit in the holders. The best part of that is you get to eat the mistakes.  :) 
                   Then drizzle icing over the top.
Next do the same with the coconut.  


See how easy. And yummy!


Next White Chocolate, Nuts, And Pretzels!!
Just as easy, melt white chocolate, add Spanish peanuts (in local store), or what ever nut you like, and broken up thin pretzels. 

 You are making candy !!!! Having fun? Still with me?

I saved the best for last. How many of you like turtle candy?
Regular or dark chocolate
Soft caramels
Taste Tester :)

These are a little different, but just as easy.
Place a teaspoon of chocolate on the paper.
Put a stick in the center of the caramel and flatten out.
Place on top of chocolate.

Place a small amount of chocolate on top of caramel.
Then a pecan on top of chocolate.
See How easy.
Cover the entire area with chocolate to seal everything in. Place in fridge to set up. That's it.  If you are like me and want more that a bite, make them bigger. this time put 4 pecans on top and cover with choclate, but this time let the feet stick out, just like a turtle.                                  
                                          Are you still with me?
                                           sleeping yet ? :)
                                          Have a piece of chocolate!
                                           It's time to clean up!! :) :)

                                             This is foil for wrapping candy.
                              I found this online. It has a food
                              grade paper on back. The site is
                     . There are 
                              over 60 colors to pick from and
                              they are sold by the sheet. Pop
                               over and check it out.
                                  Wrap the candy, and place in the 
                                   holders. Decorate, and done.
         I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have fun making candy.

                                  This is my finished project.


                               Thank you for stopping by.

                               And Have a chocolate day!




Jenny said...

so cool mama i love it u did an awsome job !!!!!! i an eye ballin those turtles lol

Frank said...

Fantastic job!

Kait M. said...

Great job!!!! Loving the Krispy Rice Lollipops! They look so good! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Dee said...

love it - great tute too!

Evita said...

Hi Kathy! It's the first time I write here and I've liked very much your first tutorial. I'm from Pamplona in Spain, the city of SAN FERMIN'S PARTY, do you know?
I don't write very good english, sorry about it.
Thanks for your post.
My blog is:
See you. Eva