Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Mothers Pride!

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to tell you about a
very special person in my life.
My daughter Jennifer.

When I was very young I wanted a little girl
 named Jennifer.
When I got married, I stared making little pink items.
Dresses, baby booties, bibs, hats, blankets.
quilts, etc.
Everything in pink...

Almost 2 years later, my one and only,
Jennifer arrived.
(Good thing it was a girl)
:) LOL :)
I am so very proud of her!!!
Jenn has turned out to be a wonderful woman.
And is so very talented.
She also has her papaw's talent for drawing.
( My Dad, proud of him too!)

Here are some of her projects.

Paint Fusion Daisies
( Her first try )

These are some of the projects she
made with her Crafter's Companion Tool.
We schedule a craft day. ( grown up play date, lol ) 
 Get together and
talk, craft, eat, laugh, and have a
good ole time.
( I am very lucky!! )

These are the beautiful nylon
flowers she makes and sells.

This is the wonderful quilt she made
me for Mother's Day.

 Jenn is also an awesome Tatoo Artist.
She draws many of her own designs.
The first one is her creation.

Jenn also is an excellent cook!!
( yes she is married, lol, to a great guy! )

So have I bragged enough!?
If you have someone special in your life
you are proud of, let them know...

Thank you Jenn, I am so happy
God had the angels bring you, to me.

I am also very happy you stopped by.
Thank you.
And have a scrappy day.


Jenny said...

Aw mom...... lol ur so sweet. I love u so much. I love having our time together to do crafts and some times we just chill and watch tv =) thats the best. Ur the bestest mom in the world and I lucky to have u. and P.S. Thanks for makin me cry lol. Love u Bunches and Bunches

Jill said...

This is such a sweet post. The love just flows. You two and very talented ladies!

Tan's Hobbies said...

Oh Kathy!! This post is super duper sweet. What can I say; you and your daughter are very talented and lovely ladies! It is very nice to do craft together with your mother or daughter. Jennifer, your drawing and the creation of nylon flowers are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!