Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you are having a great Sunday.

Today I thought I might make something sweet.

These are called
"Cinnamon Stuffed Cupcakes"

They are so easy to make.

You start out with a box cake mix and a can of
"Schmear" Cinnamon filling.


1 box cake mix, I used Pillsbury,but you can use what you like.
3 eggs
1cup of mayo (yes mayo, it makes it very moist)
1 cup apple sauce
1 can Schmear cinnamon filling
1/2 cup very soft butter
1 lg container of butter cream frosting.

Mix the eggs, mayo, and apple sauce
together first. Then add the cake mix.
Do not over mix. Fill cupcake liners
almost full and bake at 350 for 20 to 23 min.
Let cool.

In a small bowl add the cinnamon filling, the 1/2 cup of butter and mix until smooth.

( I didn't say these were low fat lol)

Put the cinnamon filling in a pipping bag,
with a tube tip, and the frosting in a bag with a star tip. If you don't have these, just scoop out a little of the cupcake and fill with the cinnamon filling and spread a little filling on top then use a small ice cream scoop to put the frosting on top.

If you do.

Pipe in the filling,  spread filling on top and decorate with icing.

If you can not find the Schmear filling in your local store, go on line and type in Schmear, it will lead you to all kinds of places to get this wonderful product. I got mine from
They have all kinds of fillings and
the shipping is very fast.

I hope you liked the cupcakes today.
At least I hope I made you hungry. :)

Thank you for stopping by.
And have a great Sunday.


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh my goodness this sounds heavenly! I have never heard of schear, I will have to do a search
We all love a good desert

wicanmoongodes79 said...

oh they look awesome =)

wicanmoongodes79 said...

i love the wrappers u made for them too