Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Idea

Hi Everyone,

I am going to try a new idea
for Sundays Posts.

Every  week I will post a new recipe
for everyone to try.
What I would love is for everyone
to join in.
If you have a recipe you would like to share,
let me know.
Write it up and send it to me by e-mail
You can also add a picture if you like.
That would be awesome!!!
I will post it on my blog, and link it back to your blog. You can put the recipe on
 your site also. I would love it if you
would post my blog with the recipe.
That way it will bring new people
to my site and yours also.

I love to cook. And that is a craft also.
If we feed our family's well, maybe they
my not mind so much us being in our
 craft rooms.:)

If you would  like to be a part of
this new idea let me know.
I would love recipes from all over the world.

It is going to be called:
"Sunday Dinner"
 I will be working on the first recipe,
for this coming Sunday.
Maybe something for the Forth of July.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
And have a scrappy day.


Tan's Hobbies said...

Eeee, Mom, you are really have a great idea. But, I can't be a great help for you with this one. If you haven’t know.... I am such a lazy pig, so I am really good with eating and sleeping, but at the same time, i am not good in kitchen. hihihihihihi. I will love to read your Sunday Dinner recipes.

Kathy said...

That's OK, you are so funny. If you have a recipe you want to share just e-mail it to me, no need to post it, but I will link it back to your site.

TeresaK said...

I love this idea...I always love to see new recipes! Thanks for visiting my blog...following you too!

wicanmoongodes79 said...

great idea =)